Prime Global Source offers full-service fulfillment at our Mountainview Facility in order to ensure that your products reach their destination and meet the requirements of the marketplace you've chosen to sell in. Maintain inventory, keep your products in-stock, and focus on your business while we handle the logistics. 



Our Mountainview Fulfillment Facility is ready and waiting to receive your packages, products, and pallets. Large or small shipments are welcome, professionally handled, and initiated into the processes of inventory management and item preparation for future shipment to your marketplace of choice. Our facility is indoors and kept at a consistent temperature, so you can feel safe knowing your valuable inventory is being well cared for and monitored.


Upon arrival at our elite fulfillment facilities, your inventory is treated as a guest - checked in, guided to it's designated area in the warehouse, and watched over while it awaits shipment from our facilities to the global marketplace. We monitor all incoming and outgoing items, and ensure that your products - each of them - are handled as high-priority units. We care about your business as much as you do, and we value accuracy and efficiency. 


Prime Global Source offers individual item preparation in order to ensure that your inventory units meet the demands and requirements of the marketplace of your choice. Many marketplaces will require varying amounts of preparation, labeling, barcode generation, or specific stock-keeping unites/numbers. Our Mountainview Facility handles these tasks for you during the preparation stage, and ensures that your inventory will be ready to sell upon arrival at it's destination marketplace. 


The PGS Mountainview Facility is an indoor, climate controlled, and fully secured fulfillment location. We take pride in our security and organization within our facilities, and prioritize these philosophies in order to provide our members with total peace-of-mind. Your inventory has never been more secure than it is with Prime Global Source. 


Ship your products directly to the Prime Global Source fulfillment centers, where we handle, prepare, and ship each item directly to your global marketplace for streamlined selling. Focus on your business, we'll handle the logistics and preparation.




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