Time To Get Excited About New Fulfillment By Amazon Updates & Packing Tips To Ensure Your Success!

New FBA Inventory Management Page Makes It Easier to Manage FBA Products

Now the Fulfillment By Amazon inventory pages include a cleaner design and more views that can be customized to identify, filter, and manage FBA products easily and efficiently. New enhancements include:

  • Product images to identify SKUs more effectively.

  • Customized columns & views.

  • Filters for active & inactive product listings.

  • 250 SKUs viewable at once. (Rather than 50 per page.)

*Features added to Manage FBA Inventory page early 2018.

Get Lower FBA Fees with Smarter Packaging

As you follow your package through to Amazon, note that they use a high tech digital scanner that scans total dimensions of each package. Be sure that soft items are packed tightly and also check the final package being sent to ensure that the tape is secure and not loose from the box. The scanner will include dimensions with any loose ends as well, which will then increase the cost overall to ship.

Amazon scans random samples to ship, then the fulfillment fee is based on each tier sample they initially scanned for each item. Be sure item variations are packed tightly and consistent to the smallest size for any items being shipped. To recap and determine the fulfillment fee for each item, understand that Amazon will measure packages according to the tier table below.

*Girth = unit measurement, equal to 2 x (median side + shortest side)

Package tiers are important because they determine the packing material weight and overall fees. Note:

  • Standard-size packages have 4 oz of packing material weight.

  • Oversize packages have 16 oz of packing material weight.

After the packing material weight is determined, that weight is added to either the unit weight or dimensional weight of the package. Dimensional weight is used if it's greater than the item's actual weight or unit weight. Dimensional weight is calculated in inches. (length x width x height, divided by 166.) Unit weight is only used for packages that weigh less than 1 lb, as well as special or over-sized packages. For lighter and/or bulky items, the dimension weight is greater than the unit weight in most cases.

While calculating fees, the weight is rounded up to the nearest pound. View more info on Calculating Fees.

Note: Fees vary during peak on and off periods. Smarter packing strategies result in lower fees to ship and less product defects. Use tight, careful, and consistent packing every time! *If requirements are not met, it may result in temporary suspension of your Amazon re-seller account.

- Ensure you are complying with FBA Product Barcode Requirements. For complete details, visit Barcode Requirements.

- Also ensure that you are complying with all FBA Safety Requirements. For more info on safe packing, go to Safe Packing.

- Be sure shipping information is accurate. To learn about these policies visit Shipping Information.

- To process products more efficiently, don't forget to prepare all inventory carefully. This also guarantees that your products will be available to your customers in their best condition. To understand how to prepare your items to ship, see FBA Prep Requirements.

After completing these FBA processes you'll be sure your items are processed successfully and at the lowest rate with less fees! Attend a Prime Global Source 3-day workshop for the latest updates and more info. www.PRIMEGLOBALSOURCE.com

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